I have designed, what I think are the fluffiest, most comfortable beds imaginably. Custom tailored Khmer inspired bed sheets, a plethora of feather or as you like pillows, and the bedside golden bamboo towers contain all you will probably need for a great night’s sleep and the most romantic bath under the starts.

You could setup your second sky bed if you would care to sleep under the Khmer Stars. I recommend to, at least, start off your night on the top deck, that is.

Be spoiled by my Bensley Butlers.

They are there as soon as they are needed and invisible when they are not. Traditionally trained, endlessly resourceful, our butlers keep the house ticking and work miracles with a smile. 

Shinta Mani Angkor – Bensley Collection is a place to withdraw from this world
and to discover a new one.

“Once a year venture to a new destination” Dalai Lama

Don’t let the sun go down without booking your next vacation with us.