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Our therapeutic treatments, based on traditional and modern healing rituals boost concentration and awareness while reducing stress - helping you attain ultimate balance.

Treatments are based on traditional Khmer healing rituals and proven modern therapies to reduce stress and reset inner balance. An instant favorite is the Khmer Coffee Scrub that combines white clay and organic Cambodian coffee beans from the hill tribes of Rattanakiri Province to create an aromatic rejuvenation.

Whether it be a relaxing massage, soothing body treatment or one of our nourishing facials you are sure to appreciate your experience at the Shinta Mani Spa.

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of serenity at Shinta Mani Spa – an indulgent retreat that promises revitalization for your inner and outer self.


Relax and indulge at Shinta Mani Spa with a range of experiences designed to rejuvenate your body and renew your spirit.

Khmer Delight Experience

Pamper yourself with this treatment designed to cleanse deeply and purify the body through a total skin exfoliation. We incorporate a replenishing body scrub to hydrate the skin – leaving it soft and supple followed by our Shinta Mani signature massage to work tired muscles to alleviate pain, reduce discomfort, and promote relaxation.


Jamu Cleansing Experience

Indulge yourself in the transcendent smell of the most fragrant blends of coffee as it enriches your entire body. This beauty treatment combines a mixture of white clay and Cambodian coffee beans from the hill tribes of the mountainous Rattanakiri Province – leaving your skin deeply cleansed & revitalized. We follow with a facial stone massage, combining warm and cool rolling stones to tone and firm the skin.


Living the Life Experience

Start with a refreshing floral footbath to soothe and refresh after a day at the temples. This is followed by a body wrap featuring our specially prepared combination of ginger & turmeric, mixed with fresh milk to sooth and soften the skin & to finish the body is wrapped in a cool fresh banana leaf for 10 to 15 minutes to soften and hydrate the skin. A signature Khmer massage will leave you feeling indulged, refreshed and revitalized.


Rejuvenation Experience

This moisturizing treatment is best for those seeking an invigorating path to softer skin. The hydrating properties of honey and sesame nourish your skin and refresh your senses; the hot herbal compresses bring together ginger, lemongrass, sea salt, and turmeric to relieve your muscle aches and bruises. These balancing ingredients open the pores and bring a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release discomfort and revitalize your mind. Then, an invigorating massage with sweet almond essential oil will take your body on a journey of total renewal.


Heated Stones Face & Body Experience

Experience the wonders of our heated stones facial treatment. Natural stones have an amazing healing energy. Using different kinds of heated stones, we massage the whole body with aromatherapy and facial oils, which not only release tension, but improve blood circulation and energy flow for complete therapy. Based on Japanese techniques, the innovative component of this treatment is that it stimulates the pressure points and meridian energy points in order to heal the skin and balance your energy.


Romance Experience 90 mins

You’ll feel as indulgent as Cleopatra when you’re immersed in the sweetness of our enriching milk bath with its soothing blend of milk protein and essential oils. Perfect after a day in the sun, follow up with a chocolate body wrap for ultimate indulgence – leaving the skin feeling all over light and refreshed.


The Blind massage 60 / 90 mins

As part of our “CSR” program and ongoing commitment to the local community, Shinta Mani Spa is proud to support Krousar Thmey, a local NGO for the blind. When you enjoy a “blind” massage at Shinta Mani Siem Reap, we will donate 50% of the price to this local charity. Each blind therapist is trained and supported by Western volunteers so that they may provide for themselves and their families. Thank you for your contribution to their future.


Meditation Experience

Relax and unwind with a floral footbath followed by a tranquil 30 minute meditation session by a meditation Master. Finish your experience with our 60 minute healing massage. A monks blessing may also be arranged and kindly speak to our Spa Manager to make these arrangements. 24 hours prior booking will be required to secure the space.